Trying to find your balance?

  • Does your variable income make it difficult to follow a monthly budget?

  • Do you worry that doing what you love won't provide you with the financial stability that you need?

  • Are you interested in seeking financial advice, but feel that no one will understand your unique circumstance?

  • Are you looking to work with a fiduciary that will provide advice in your best interest?

"It's not about a salary it's all about reality."  - KRS 1

"It's not about a salary it's all about reality."
- KRS 1


Elemental Financial is not your usual financial planning company.  


Elemental Financial offers Indie artists a philosophical approach towards creating and living their sound dreams. 

A movement that is born out of my passion and my profession. A journey on a path that is heavily influenced by family, friends, a love for Hip Hop, and the principle that out of chaos comes order.  Persistence, understanding the current financial system, and a personalized plan based on one’s goals are the quintessential elements to allow money to be a powerful tool that works for you, instead of you constantly working for money. By simplifying your financial life we want to help you align your values with your financial goals and focus on your life path. 


Let me introduce myself.  This online space is my stage to present my expertise, past experience, creativity, and passions.

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